The Baneblade is the primary super-heavy tank used by the Imperial Guard and is one of the largest and oldest tanks used by the Imperium. These massive. I’m about to buy a baneblade not sure what variant I am going to make but that isn’t important. I don’t have a data sheet for it and don’t really. Hello guys it’s me again. I just bought a baneblade to add to my guard army and I am having trouble finding out which book has the most.

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Hell Hammer seems a bit like overkill, AP -4 will take care of anything that isn’t a MEQ in cover, and most things with more armor than that have invulnerable saves of some sort.

That, or the enemy would need to be foolish enough to willingly approach within TLHF range with carapace or worse armored troops Also one of the few imperial guard tanks that don’t look like they refitted something from the first world war. The command deck is the next level of the Baneblade and is located in the upper half of the tank’s body.

Anybody’s mind changing with the release of the guard codex. As a Chaos Night Lords player, I have always hated imperial knights Success on only to deal D3 mortal wounds. This is a big downgrade for a unit that use to throw all three in one glorious turn. Doesn’t matter where the re-roll banebblade, the equation is the same.

I believe that the Officer of the Fleet is still in the “combined Imperium” book, though I could be wrong there. The second is once per game he can call in an air raid with unlimited range on any non-character visible to him.


Baneblades – + ASTRA MILITARUM + – The Bolter and Chainsword

Without Vox this will be hard to play with. Officially categorized by the Adeptus Mechanicus as second-generation Baneblades, these are produced by Forge Worlds eager to secure large military contracts but who do not have the complete STC data necessary to produce a true Baneblade.

I have seen feral world savages braining each other with stones, and I datzsheet monitored the death banebpade a whole planet at the hands of a virus bomb.

I am hoping this leak left out the crucial page saying x number of troops can form a single choice. It fills the same role as the Baneblade as a general purpose superheavy, with a gun for every target. The Tremor Cannon that replaces the original Volcano Cannon is a potent weapon adapted from a Squat design: Unfortunately Yarrick was pretty bad at maintaining his mobile house of pimps. Here the floor of the command deck steps up, forcing the tech-adept to slide into his seat, which nearly touches the ceiling.

Exclusive to the Cadians, and can issue 3 orders per turn 4 with Kell datashwetCreed also gives 2 extra command points, which is pretty impressive.

What’s the best Baneblade Variant in 8th Edition? – Forum – DakkaDakka

Hover mode ditches the minimum movement but also gives up the -1 to enemy hit chance. Any Mathhammer wizards care to chime in and confirm, or explain where I’ve messed up in layman’s terms?

June 12, 5: It differs from the old epic version in that it only has three barrels of battle cannons – a twin linked two shot hull mounted battlecannon and the if we use naval terminology for the thing Superfiring S9 AP2, 7″ banehlade Stormhammer cannon with shred and pinning.

  ASTM D3418 PDF

The Platoon Commander was taken out of the troop section and promoted to Elites. Optional toys are a pintle mounted multilaser or heavy flamer and up to 4! For something a bit more fun, take a Stormsword or a Hellhammer and give it flamer sponsons. Some people say they know no fear. For now i think this is to make IG organisation more like all the other factions to Just simplify it.

Two reasons to dataeheet Nork.


I really like the squad, platoon and company structure. Wyverns are still good. The bonus of adding 1 when firing at Flying units is balanced by a negative 1 when firing at units without the rule.

You don’t want your tank get stuck trying to cross a T-Junction due to “Overcompensation-Syndrome” now do you?

Its origin story starts on the Forge World of Ryza, where despite having the best reputation with regards to plasma technology, they couldn’t build Volcano Cannons for Shadowsword tanks. Tbh I wanted to get the numbers near the profiles for my own sake too, so I have something to refer to.

June 3, 4: Guard look to me like they treaded water while everyone else swam to shore, but we will see.