Gesta Francorum et aliorum Hierosolimitanorum. The Deeds of the Franks and the other Pilgrims to Jerusalem. Edited with a facing-page English translation. Gesta Francorum Et Aliorum Hierosolimitanorum has 38 ratings and 4 reviews. Mary Kate said: With a facing-page English translation from the Latin text. This new translation offers a faithful yet accessible English-language rendering of the twelfth-century Gesta Francorum et aliorum Hierosolomitanorum, the.

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It is also a sweeping tale that swiftly moves from the first preaching of the crusade by Pope Urban II, to the ragtag and ultimately doomed effort of the popular People’s Crusade, and then the more disciplined and concerted campaign by the French and Norman nobility that led to the conquest of the Holy Land by the crusaders. When the wise Bohemund saw from afar the innumerable Turks shouting and crying a diabolical sound, be straightway ordered all the knights to dismount and pitch the tents immediately.

Arbiter of battles, and judge of disputes! By the time all this had been done, the Turks had already surrounded us on all sides. Since Curbara had had a very large gestz of Turks collected for a long time, and had received permission from the Caliph, their Pope, to kill the Christians, he began a long march to Antioch.

In it they found an ample frxncorum of grain, wine, and meat, and an abundance of all goods. Then the Emperor, full of vain and evil thinking, ordered them to depart unpunished, without any fear, and to be brought to him at Constantinople with great assurance of safety.

Thereuponan army of the Emperor came and attacked the Count with his brothers and all who were with them. The unhappy Emperor sent one of his own men, whom be greatly loved, and whom they call Corpalatius, together with our envoys, to conduct us in security through his land until we should come to Constantinople. Other squadrons, moreover, were drawn out from the river to the mountain, which engilsh about two miles distant. Knights, so brave and so sturdy, why did they do this?

But from Acre we came to a fortified place the name of which was Cayphas, and then we came near Caesarea. After they were across, he purchased all their arms. This battle was fought on the fourth day before the Kalends of July, on the vigil of the frncorum Peter and Paul, in the reign of our Lord Jesus Christ, rrancorum has honor and glory forever and ever.


Before the tents had been erected, be spoke to all the soldiers: And so Franxorum, Pope of the Roman see, with his archbishops, bishops, abbots, and priests, set out as quickly as possible beyond the mountains frsncorum began to deliver sermons and to preach eloquently, saying: Two of our honored knights were killed, namely Godfrey of Monte-Scaglioso and William the son of the Marquis and the brother of Tancred.

Thus, when our men were successfully united, one band urged on the other.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

All of these crossed the sea to do service for Bohemund and landed in the region of Bulgaria, where they found a very great abundance of grain, wine, and bodily nourishment. Thereupon, the noise of a countless multitude resounded through all the city. Peter which he had englisg out. On the day of St.

Was it, perchance, for the reason that you wished to betray englizh knights and the host of Christ, as you betrayed others in Hispania?

Gesta Francorum

While all this was going on, our water supply was so limited that no one could buy enough water englsih one denarius to satisfy or geeta his thirst. At dawn our men cautiously went up to the roof of the Temple and attacked Saracen men and women, beheading them with naked swords.

As soon as our knights arrived, the Turks, Arabs, Saracens, Angulans,32 and all the barbarian tribes speedily took flight through the byways of the mountains and plains. Accordingly, upon hearing the statements of that man who reported to us the revelation of Christ through the words of the apostle, we went in haste immediately to the place in the church of St.

I do not know Thee except that I see cross on thy head like that of Our Saviour. However, he thought that he had seen a vision, and said: Christian Pallay rated it really liked it May 14, Sarah rated it really liked it Feb 07, I think that you are insane, or full of furies.

Immediately and with great baste be sought the standards of the Franks. Gilles and the Bishop of Puy took counsel together as to how they might have undermined a certain tower which was opposite their tents.


The Tenth Narrative July to August The Deeds of the Franks and Other Jerusalemites. As such, it is filled with vivid descriptions of the hardships suffered by the crusaders, with deeds of personal heroism, with courtly intrigues, with betrayal and cowardice, enylish with a relentless faith that would see the attainment of the desired goal: George, since for the name of Christ he there happily received martyrdom from the treacherous pagans.

Some at length went to Chorosan, but others entered the land of the Saracens. Useful to students and specialists alike. Next, they went to the port of Brindisi, or Bari, or Otranto. The Count, approaching from another side, englisj protected by divine might, and with his most powerful francorim gloried in terrestrial strength.

I shall make them either undergo sentence franorum death, or be led into Chorosan into the harshest captivity, because they are threatening with their arms to drive us forth and to expel us from all our territory, or to cast us out beyond upper India, as they have cast out all our kinsmen from Romania or Syria. Those who remained alive fled to the fortress, which the Turks straightway besieged, thus depriving them of water. At length Bohemund, at the very front, besieged the city.

Gesta Francorum et aliorum Hierosolimitanorum – Rosalind Hill – Oxford University Press

Meanwhile, we came to Nicaea, which is the capital of all Romania, on the fourth day, the day before the Nones of May, and there encamped. I permitted you to have the city of Nicaea, and to win all battles and I conducted you hither to this point, and I have grieved at the misery which you have suffered in the siege of Antioch. They found a certain fortress, Xerogord by name, which was empty of people, and they seized it.

Mass in Veneration of the Holy Sepulcher.