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Devido à sua importância para o país, foram sancionadas a Lei nº , .. Disponível em: [ Links ]. The interpreters of Sign Language have an essential role in the education of [Paper reference 1]. 6 set. No caso dos relativamente incapazes, a lei não lhes retira a ingerência ou a participação na vida jurídica. Eles praticam os atos em seu próprio.

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When the language pair being translated or interpreted involves a visual-spatial language, it is necessary to think that the whole architectonic construction, the project of elements that compose this enunciation, the discourses, the cultural context and all the visual interferences in the physical space are highly relevant. Russian Essays on Visual Culture, 18 an essay collection.

Importantly, the presence of these students in this system brought several challenges that range from the lack of specialized support services to meet their linguistic needs e.

World Health Organization The interpreters of Sign Language have an essential role in the education of deaf students in all countries including Brazil.

Revista de Estudos do Discursov. In the space offered for making suggestions or comments on topics not approached in the questionnaire, some 1046 observations were pointed out: Besides, all these elements compose the genre discussed here. However, the letters are scrambled and do not necessarily form words. But it is accepted that there is a difference between the specific activity of written texts translation — which involves texts written in a source language and a substantial time for executing the work, the possibility of consulting dictionaries, correcting and adjusting the text that is produced in the target language — and the activity of simultaneous interpreting, which happens in a given limited space and time and works with texts in their final version just as it is expressed in the target language cf.

Marxismo e filosofia da linguagem: Marxismo e filosofia da linguagem.

Crítica à nova sistemática da incapacidade de fato segundo a Lei 13.146/15

Four of them were from IFECT and nine were hired as temporary 1036 to work with the deaf students. The Formal Method in Literary Scholarship: The Teacher and the Student with a Disability. It can be congenital or acquired and may significantly compromise the teaching process currently based on orality worldwide Lima, According to Sobralp.


In order to avoid problems and guarantee the quality of the education offered to the deaf public, these students should be the main focus of these professionals, whether in public or private schools, to empowered them and meet their specific demands.

Universidade Federal do Tocantins. In addition, we applied a questionnaire so that SLTIs could describe how they prepared themselves for interpreting and give their impressions about their own work at the very moment the performance occurred.

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Both SLTIs have more than two years of experience in interpreting. Thematic Education Digital, 7, In Brazil, since the creation of the graduation course in the area of Brazilian Sign Language LIBRAS named Letras-Libras, translators and Interpreters are more recognized as part of the educational system, which strength this important 104336 area and help to ensure the deaf people language right. Text in source language — Portuguese: It started in with approximately students enrolled in nine courses spread across four campuses, involving natural resources, environment, health and safety, and management and business.

Editora da Unicamp,p. In this article, we present a study on the activity of simultaneous interpreting from Portuguese to Libras in that context, on the basis of a dialogue involving interpreting and theater studies as well as theoretical formulations by Bakhtin and the Circle.

January 06, ; Accepted: According to Brait, the adopted theoretical perspective imposes obligations to the analyst, since verbal-visuality, inspired by the Bakhtinian thought, is possible and plays an important role to understand the contemporary world and to teach this understanding, which demands much effort and theoretical-methodological rigor BRAIT,p. I started to understand lsi places are not made to dream [ Training and Acting in Inclusive Educational Spaces.


Deafness and Hearing Loss.

Estatuto da Pessoa com Deficiência: crítica à incapacidade de fato – | Jus Navigandi

This phenomenon is eli to any linguistic translation; however, on stage there is also the need for an approach that considers the specific enunciative situation. More specifically, conference IS focused exclusively on the process of interpreting and approached the challenges interpreters face during interpreting as essentially cognitive.

In the two theatrical performances – hereinafter P1 and P2 – the Libras interpreting was done in teamwork by the two professional SLTIs, who alternated between interpreting and support. Sign Languages Translation and Interpreting Studies emerged in Brazil in a significant way after Libras achieved language status through Act The work with students with disabilities is neither simple nor easy. In addition a qualitative analysis was performed through issues that have emerged in the context of wm open questions Patton, apud Cohen et al.

The Sign Language interpreters should pursue quality in their work to ensure the inclusion of deaf students at schools.

More than languages are spoken in Brazil and, despite the domination of Portuguese, this language is unable to meet all the expressive needs of 10463 multicultural society of Brazil. Therefore, sign language interpreting in the theatrical sphere demands that these professionals be aware that both the verbal and the visual texts are inseparable. In this study, we take sign language translation and interpreting as a discursive practice which occurs in a concrete enunciative situation and mobilizes discourses from many different spheres of language use.

We consider the professional SLTIs that interpret during theater performances verbal-visual elements that are part of the stage and thus dialogue with it, becoming part of the performance text, part of the theatrical scene.