15 Nov Notes from a Big Country, Bill Bryson (pounds , Doubleday). Think of these as Bill Bryson’s answer to Alistair Cooke’s Letter from America. Bill Bryson has the rare knack of being out of his depth wherever he goes – even ( perhaps especially) in the land of his birth. This became all too apparent when. Street, nice college buildings with big lawns, and leafy residential sheets. It is, in short, an Bill Bryson, Notes from a Big Country, I sloth: not much energy.

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As an expat about to return to the US, this book simply wasn’t Weird enough for me. I also will only listen to his audio books if William Roberts narrates. Later he turned these columns into a book, and called it “I’m a Stranger Here Myself” I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially to those that have like me traveled to America and found it amazing and wonderful and strange and awful, all at the same time.

Some of the books I’ve added to my GR read list are not even books. In other news, there might be something wrong with our water, certain foods might kill you, and certain hair products might cause cancer.

And in these columns all Bryson did was moan, moan and yeah you’ve guessed it! And have you seen the weather forecast for the weekend? The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid.

I guess some things never change.

Who says you can’t go home? Research is a beautiful thing.

My country or a deadline

Is this one of those times when you would recommend listening to the audiobook instead of reading the print? But the weekly column has its own limitations, as British newspaper readers have become stoically aware.


I’m a Stranger Here Myself or as it was released in England: Yes, but I would say that I don’t think it should be the first Bryson book you read. On the other hand, I know I’ve forgotten some of the books I read as a kid, so maybe noyes evens out in the end, and GR’s count is probably as accurate as it’s going to get.

I’m a Stranger Here Myself: Notes on Returning to America After Twenty Years Away by Bill Bryson

Indeed, all over this big heartless city there were no doubt tens of thousands of people bryzon as solitary and friendless as me. To answer the latter question first, in modern computers with the Energy Saver features which do nothing of the sort turned off, it takes less power to leave a computer on all night than it does to shut it down and start it up. It gave me a better understanding of the culture of Americans and the culture shock that Bryson found on returning to the United States.

In our house, as a rule of thumb, you knew it was time to eat when the firemen departed.

Bill Bryson Travel writing reviews. Notfs was fun reading it at the beginning, but after few columns it just got annoying. I’m a Stranger Here is selections from his newspaper column which chronicles his experiences.

You ca A wonderfully poignant collection of Bryson’s published news aa article. It rambles a bit, doesn’t it? The book, vryson inis somewhat dated. This would be better as source material for standup routines of observational comedy or in its original coubtry. She didn’t really understand the rich, unrivaled possibilities for greasiness and goo that the American diet offers.

Well worth a read. Funny, witty, charming, reads like a dream. All in all, not my favorite Bryson, but certainly not a bad read under the right circumstances. Aug 23, Roy Lotz rated it liked it Shelves: They were greeted by a new and improved America that boasts microwave pancakes, twenty-four-hour dental-floss hotlines, and the staunch conviction that ice is not a luxury item.


One gets the feeling that, while he is a patriot, he’s also a “red coat”. The American home computer revolution happened while Bryson was out of the country, so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He remarks that people here eat too much, walk too little, and consequently weigh too much. The column about re-learning an adult bilp spackle? And that’s when things got weird.

Reading his take on returning home was a delight and there were so many parts I could relate to.

I’m a Stranger Here Myself: Notes on Returning to America After Twenty Years Away

She had a career, you see — she worked for the local newspaper, which meant that she was always flying in the door two minutes before it was time to put dinner on the table.

The book could have been shorter, yet better, if Bryson hadn’t printed the lot. The book contains articles which Bryson wrote for the Mail between and The articles are all short, a few pages at most, and makes for a quick read.

The book might be worth checking out of the library but it’s not worth buying. Oh my goodness, that was fun. I can’t wait to read another of his many books.

Since it’s a collection of articles he wrote for a newspaper, it’s somewhat unfocused and there seems to be a lot of rambling.