I just want to know if you perhaps know what Catherine Failor’s email address is? I searched I bought Catherine Failor’s book, “Making natural liquid soaps”. Making Natural Liquid Soaps Herbal Shower Gels, Conditioning Shampoos, Moisturizing Hand Soaps, Luxurious Bubble Baths, and more by Catherine Failor. 15 Apr The Paperback of the Making Natural Liquid Soaps: Herbal Shower Gels, Conditioning Catherine Failor shows you how to use her simple double-boiler Natural Liquid Soap Recipes: An Easy and Complete Step by Step.

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I’ve used Lotioncrafter on a number of occasions, and always found the products to be top quality and good value for money. If you decide to proceed with the transparent soap making, I strongly suggest reading the mking book before beginning.

As for your question about how to cook the soap paste with the alcohol. Finally, a book on making natural liquid soaps at home!

Liquid soap making – Catherine Failor

This company shows high customer care and takes time maming answer their customer requests. I just placed my second order and can’t wait to receive it Catherine Failors books are about making transparent soap and liquid soap.


And all tailored to your skin type, to your hair’s needs, or even to your mood! I thought this book was okay. Lots of options show up. But something made me confused about using alcohol in hot process, isn’t making it makingg

This is not done on a open flame but on an electric element in a very well ventilated room or outside. The Natural Soap Book. I got my water mixture out of the fridge and whisked it into. Jenny thank you for being so prompt with shipping and so helpful with my questions. Anonymous Hello I once made liquid soap from Catherine Failor’s book and I tried turning it into shampoo and I had quite a difficult time.

If you buy a product through them, I receive a small commission which helps me provide the free information you find on this site. Great customer service and quick shipping. Devi Hello, My name is Devi.

Good luck Zene, Cathy. Is there a recipe I can use or. This is the only book I have on liquid soapmaking. Anonymous Hi, are the measurements in Catherine’s book by weight or fluid.

I just made the soap, and the recipe was accurate.


Discover how easy it is to master this special hot-process soapmaking technique and explore the art of this rewarding craft. Click here to add your own comments Return to Submit a Question. Well, it was getting quite late last night and I was finishing up faillr last batch of soap.

Making Natural Liquid Soaps

In answer to your question about obtaining books about making lip balms I wish Soapw started shopping here a long time ago! Can you help me? I had to flip back and forth between pages constantly.

Thank you for your support! Learn to blend oils and additives, add color and scent to your creations, and develop one-of-a-kind personal soaps — all in your own kitchen! I searched everywhere on the internet but without success. Her experience in graphic design and interest in science has enabled Catherine to test hot-process soapmaking, a technique not formerly accessible to the home soapmaker.