29 Jan Gary Jennings, the author of Aztec, has now told the other half–and then some. The Journeyer opens with a letter from Messer Marco to Luigi. Read “The Journeyer” by Gary Jennings with Rakuten Kobo. Marco Polo was nicknamed “Marco of the millions” because his Venetian countrymen took the. 1 Jan With these picaresque “”untold stories”” of Marco Pole’s 13th-century trek to the mysterious East, Jennings goes Aztec one better—with even.

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To put it bluntly, Jennings should have laid off the kiddie porn, incest and sexual deprivation. Unsupervised, he freely roams the jenings and canals of the city getting in trouble. Realmente es super recomendable y es una aventura inolvidable!! Michal has read Gary Jennings, so the rest of us don’t have to In order to post comments, you need to log in to Ferretbrain or authenticate with OpenID.

All of that said, I did finish the book and loved the research-based history. And there’ll be incredible journeys for the Khan conquered lands, jungles, Indiaconspiracies, battles, the dreadful doings of the Khan’s torturer “”The Fondler””Jehnings strange madness–and a star-burst of new foods, sights, smells, noises. How to write a great review. Be the first to discover new talent! However, that takes less than two hundred pages of the whole.

Book Review: The Journeyer – by Gary Jennings | Norbert Haupt

Marco Polo was nicknamed “Marco of the millions” because his Venetian countrymen took the grandiose stories of his travels to be exaggerated, if not outright lies. It has scarred me for life. He goes around telling his stories about the wonders he saw along the road to China; and finds that no one wants to listen. So I hesitated again a while, and then there was a daughter.


Shout at the Devil. I recommend this book highly if you know what you’re getting in for, and you like big sweeping epics with lots of real historical figures. The Journeyer by Gary Jennings.

Refresh and try again. But then it turns out Thor was evil and Thorn kills her. Want to Read saving…. Published June 27th by Forge Books first published Marco, along with his father Niccilo and uncle Maffeo, traveled from Venice to the eastern Mediterranean Levant and all the way across Asia and back. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. But in this case, after AztecJennings just makes most of that detail up.

The women, the daughters and the boys were routinely raped and shipped off as slaves. Although the part where the little boys gets eaten was a bit over the top Some of the images and scenes from this book have stayed with me, years after the reading. When a young Venetian comes to court one of Marco’s daughters, he tells him a funny tale about a wife-beater in Khanbalik.


Anyway, spot on about the weird sex and overpowered characters. No doubt those practices may have been true, but I believe them to be exaggerated in his novels for the shock effect, or perhaps Jennings found them to be titillating.


Maybe it was a personal thing? One Mordecai Cartafelo, who’ll pop up in other guises to save Marco journeeyr subsequent perils–which proliferate as Marco journeys to the East with father Nicolo and Uncle Mafio.

So far, the gender issues are jouneyer poorly-handled or just plain ignored.

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I don’t think the image you posted really constitutes evidence that this is possible; there’s a difference between heating up someone’s flesh and actually burning it, there’s a difference between injuries inflicted on someone outside anyone’s control and the sort of controlled flesh-sculpting that jourbeyer to be going on in the incident Michal’s talking about.

The situation is a whole lot worse in Raptor because, while Thorn navigates between genders, the only homosexual gaary he partakes in is a traumatizing one his rape by a priestand in future occasions, only distasteful characters take part in homosexuality.

That really hooked the history buff in me. Their return a quarter century later jenning at first less than auspicious. Mothers groomed their boys to be sex objects by applying successively larger and larger anal plugs when they were toddlers to make their openings supple, strong, muscular and yet pliable.

Jennings was able to capture the courage and inspiration that Marco Polo had to traverse the silk trail was inspirational to me.